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YOU: You're Smart. Aware. Capable. Yet the "what if?" fear of violence or assault remains every woman's fear. It's universal, and not always unfounded. Good News: YOU can learn to be your own best protector. And when necessary become Dangerous.  

My approach to self-defense not only imparts smart strategies and skills, but reconnects women to a deep-seated primal source of courage, strength, power and capacity. It's a place I call FIERCE. It's innate but needs to be replenished.     

With passion, compassion, and a therapist's insight, I help women become Safer, Stronger and Self-Possessed.   

From early detection of danger to safeguarding boundaries, from verbal strategies to forceful resistance my approach delivers knowledge and skills that can save your life, restore your soul, and put fear in its place.  

Consultant. Trainer. Mentor. Self Defense Therapist.  

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Dr. Ruthless' cult classic for women and girls! Need-to-know skills plus the internal emotional preparedness for effective action. Outstanding!" "Soalt is a shining star!"

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Womanly wisdom and reflection. Inspiration with tips, tools, risk reduction strategies and moves you can use. My view: Recovering this ancient power and self-defending capacity not only saves women's lives, but helps rebalance the world. 

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