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YOU: You want to live your life freely, courageously. Yet fears of violence or assault may limit your freedom, silence your voice, dim your spirit -- even take your breath away. These are universal, not unfounded fears- and it's infuriating. 

Reducing violence against women requires radical long-term changes in attitudes and mindsets that normalize assault. Here's the other truth:

You need to be your own best protector. And if necessary become Dangerous. 

Good News: You CAN! I can show you how.  

My methods not only impart lifesaving knowledge, strategies, and skills but reconnect women to deep-seated primal powers and capacities--and a warrior's heart. Freeing Courage From Fear.

With passion and compassion, I help women become Safer, Stronger, Self-Possessed- a bolder, fuller version of themselves equipped to confidently, courageoulsy lead their lives and engage the world. 

From early detection of danger to safeguarding boundaries, from verbal de-escalation to forceful resistance my approach delivers knowledge and skills that can save your life, restore your soul, and put fear in its place.  

Consultant. Trainer. Mentor. Self Defense Therapist.  

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Dr. Ruthless' cult classic for women and girls! Need-to-know skills plus the internal emotional preparedness for effective action. Outstanding!" "Soalt is a shining star!"

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Womanly wisdom and reflection. Inspiration with tips, tools, risk reduction strategies and moves you can use. My view: Recovering this ancient power and self-defending capacity not only saves women's lives, but helps rebalance the world. 

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