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A sampling of articles, essays and columns--practical and spirited, laced with humor, grit, and womanly wisdom. From how-to strategies--on improvised weapons, rape defense, harnessing fear and more--to a behind-the-scenes look at padded assailant training, to personal tales, to why you should love your hips. Link to second page of articles at bottom- don't miss 'em!

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Dr. Ruthless On the Huffington Post

Huffington Post
My page on Huff Post: FIVE smoking and breezy blogs with more to come. From my Homage to Mother India (where I learned I was a scrappy bitch) to practical how-to with slide show of pics, to awesome success stories (don't miss the CHICAGO gal who bit off her attacker's balls) to re-installing survival instincts and finding your inner Neander-Babe. Come read!

Beauty And The Beast Within

An unabashed tribute to my love affair with going primal. Raw, edgy, and, yes, naughty. (What can I say... it was love at first blow!)

A Self Defense Expert Challenges Women To Define What is Non-Negotiable?

Website of Feminist Pioneer & Powerhouse Gloria Feldt
A Lively Q+ A on my Dharma of Defense. "What happens when you combine primal self-defense methods with the insights of a psychotherapist, the wrath of the Hindu Goddess Kali and the heart of a warrior? Meet Dr. Ruthless, also known as Melissa Soalt."

Being Nice Can Kill You

Forbes Online- She Negotiates Blog
Keepin' it real! Fight back self defense is raw. Why embracing power and renegotiating with heart-pounding fear are vital to self defense. Plus the diminishing effects of fear; why nice lady mannerisms can be deadly. (And can we say, FORK SOMEONE UP?)

Everyday Weapons Are A Girl's Best Friend

Self Defense For Women Magazine
You're in your kitchen when an intruder appears, intent on harm. Could you turn your handy colander or shiny new countertop into a deadly weapon? The bad guys shouldn't be the only ones doing this!

Beyond Fear-- Break On Through

Self Defense For Women Magazine
(NOTE: I did not select the image. Sigh.) Fear is a double agent, both savior and saboteur. This article features practical tips and tools for making fear work for you not against you. How to bypass 'freeze' or panic, collect and ready yourself for an opening move.

Fierce Love: The Heart of the Female Warrior

Published in Warriors: On Living with Courage, Discipline and Honor; Paladin Press
This essay provides a glimpse into where my fire comes from, articulates a female warrior paradigm including the role of the emotional body in self defense and how something of the primitive exists within all of us; how women have always been fighters and dangerous dames. A roast to insidious myths (women are a passive lot; confidence comes in a roll-on) and a rousing toast to women's own warrior spirit.

Do It With Your Hips!

Self Defense For Women Magazine
Love - don't loathe - those almighty hips! More than womanly curves or shelter for the unborn, a woman's hips are her HUB of power. Find out how your hips could save your life!

Shift Happens- But Make it Snappy!

Black Belt Magazine
If you think being unflappable in the face of danger is a realistic goal, guess again. Startling happens! Your goal is to shrink the time between an initial jolt or 'uprising' and your readiness to act. Learn how to do this seamlessly.

Fight Back Against Rape - With Fear!

The decision and will to fight back takes place on the inside. This feature article traces the internal emotional experience of fear and it's use in rape to gain compliance and control. Learn SEVEN essential strategies to deter, prevent and escape intact. And to recognize "testing."

Pepper Spray's Strength Nothing to Sneeze At!

Atlanta 30306
Burn Baby Burn. Get the low down on this popular chemical deterrent that's red hot and makes you swoon. But don't be fooled into thinking it's a magic bullet; the bad guys won't just plop at your feet.

Padded Assailant Training: Are You Helping or Hurting Your Students?

Armored assailant training is becoming the wave of the future. Its benefits are vast, but all programs are NOT created equal. This behind-the-scenes article outlines four essential components for an effective scenario-based training.

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