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A sampling of articles, essays and columns--practical and spirited, laced with humor, grit, and womanly wisdom. From how-to strategies--on improvised weapons, rape defense, harnessing fear and more--to a behind-the-scenes look at padded assailant training, to personal tales, to why you should love your hips. Link to second page of articles at bottom- don't miss 'em!

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Close Encounters Of The Wrong Kind

Self Defense For Women Magazine
When you're trapped or pinned against a wall, pummeling "he-man's" chest won't help - an explosive counterattack will! Based on an actual attempted rape in my own life (age 19) I critique my scenario and address how to make opening moves count to escape from a predator.

Self Defense From The Inside Out

Self Defense For Women Magazine
Welcome to Warrior World - now let's get down to the stripping and trashing! This article will help you shed dangerous myths and take out inner muggers - voices of "can't" and "shouldn't" - that can sabotage safety and zap your power when seconds count. Learn how to clear the path, and get your mojo back on line!

Working with Assault Survivors

Martial Arts Professional
Most likely some of the women who have come to you for martial arts training have been sexually assaulted. Usually you won't know who they are unless they tell you. Occasionally, self-defense training awakens flashbacks. Learn to see the warning signs and to help the student past the fear.

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