Dr.Ruthless: Fight Back Concepts

Focus. Act Fast & Harness Your Fear!

"For a female, fighting back is the ultimate reversal. You become the huntress not the hunted, the predator not prey... When the only way out is through, you cannot just defend--you have to counter attack. There's little to compare this to: you dial up the creature within; you trade in your polite-self for your animal-self; you issue the 'sic' command and give that beautiful junkyard bitch within carte blanche to go for the throat." --Melissa Soalt, from "Fierce Love: The Heart of the Female Warrior"

When the Only Way Out is Through... Counterattack & Bring It with a BANG! 

Here are some key fight-back-to-escape concepts from stand-up positions. REMEMBER: FIGHTING BACK IS A LAST RESORT when nothing else will do. Your goal is to safely escape. That said, a pumped up aggressor can withstand A LOT of punishment, so get your mojo in gear and be prepared to do what it takes to breakaway.

First, burn this nugget into hide and heart : You ARE the weapon, the delivery system. Everything else is a tool, a force multiplier. Understand this completely:  It comes down to YOU. 

And this: willpower and emotional commitment count! You cannot be half-hearted or squeamish. Decide in advance: what is worth fighting for? What is non-negotiable? Have THAT conversation NOW! 

Keep it simple. Stick to gross motor skills! Under the effects of adrenaline stress it's unlikely you'll be able to perform complex or fine motor skills. Primary strategies: wield your strongest weapons— elbows and knees, legs and feet, hands (open hand, palm, fist, hammer fist, knuckles), teeth, hips and head (which you can also strike with) against his weakest most vulnerable targets, such as: eyes, throat, nose; ears and neck; groin (testicles) and lower abdomen; knees and shins. Use low kicks to deliver high pain to knees and shin bones.

Be direct, explosive, and follow through. Don't just give a smack.  Penetrate! Blast through your target. HARD. FAST. REPEATEDLY. Wield your weapons with the animal-like intent of a prehistoric human: SMASH the face with your elbow. Crack the ears. Use your hips to drive gut-busting knee strikes. Kick back like a MULE.  Grind with your knuckles. Grab fist fulls of hair and slam down! Hammer the nose, the testicles. Bite. Stomp. Whip your fingers at the eyes. When running for the exit, burst into action; burst through your attacker. Take charge! You get the idea.

Don't waste time punching He-Man's chest. (Why do you think Tarzan pounds his chest and not his gonads or Adam's apple?)

Do it with your hips! Power your moves from your hips, center of mass, and snappy rotations of the waist. In other words from your body's CORE, not your body part.

Get your war cry on. Shout it out! Yelling adds as much 33 percent more power to blows and throws. It rallies the fighting spirit, unfreezes the breath, and sharpens the focus. It also provides a way to channel the raw power of emotions.

When its raining blows, get inside—his strike zone.  This may be counterintuitive but in close-range attacks instead of backing up, which puts you directly into an attacker's strike zone, BURST IN! Getting in tight takes you out of range of oncoming punches or kicks. Once inside go DIRECTLY to your target—face, eyes, throat, groin, lower abdomen, thin-skinned lower shin—and blast away to facilitate escape.

Exploit timing, opportunity and the element of surprise. Attacks against women are up close and personal-so take full advantage. In a standing pin, initially you might not even resist or feign compliance. But once his hands aggresesively latch onto your body, ATTACK without warning. Example: while he's preoccupied at your chest, fire off sudden, hard-hitting, thunder-clapping blows to his ears. Unless this is disabling, immediately follow with smashing knee strikes, or by HAMMERING the face, throat or eyes, or by pulverizing the family jewels. Keep the initiative. Your goal is to drive him back in order to open distance and safely flee (Or possibly deploy a weapon.) NEVER expect Mr. Offender to plop at your feet from one good blow. But if he does, you go girl!

Spring it to bring it! If engulfed in tight quarters, don't struggle against a man's superior body strength. Instead, compress down, spring-loading like a jack-in-the box. (This shrinking violet behavior should appear submissive, potentially lowering his aggressive arousal.) Gather yourself. Then release with sudden force into your target, driving from the thighs while expelling your most shocking warrior shout. Follow up as needed.

Stand by your man and let rip. Take a lesson from our primate kin: A small monkey can latch onto a man's head and shred his face in seconds. Not pretty, but in a DEADLY encounter, you may have to do same. If so, get in tight, like a boxer's clinch. Grab the head with one hand, hang onto it, and attack his face with the other. Gouge the eyes. Bite into lips, cheek, nose, ears, throat. Repugnant, yes, but it may be your only way out. Set your dial to "savage" and let rip. Monkey see, monkey do.

If trapped with an attacker, never just wait for a giant opening to make your move. Be prepared to seize slivers of opportunity and to create openings. Wield all your tools of trickery and cunning. It's all about seconds: the second he fumbles with your clothing, lays down a weapon, gets himself "ready," it may be Go Time. Seize the vaguard of the moment.

Weaponize! A pot cover worn on the hand will add zing to any palm strike. Think: whaddya got? Junk on the street? Handy desk items? Piping hot coffee? A book can be thrust into the face or throat; the bottom of a chair can be wielded, lion-tamer fashion to drive an attacker back.

Use the environment: Are there countertops, stairwells, hard surfaces to shove a person into? Be aggressive. Manhandle! Drop your center of gravity, widen your base, slink down into your hips and throw him away.

Attack the hands. Busting the hand(s) with a stick-like weapon or by slamming something on it can disable your attacker's primary weapon: hands.  

Overcome the fear of injury. Always assess your situation and skills, of course, but do not allow yourself to be held hostage by this fear. Remember: adrenaline is a wonder drug. It addition to supercharging the body it helps staves off pain.

Never give up hope or let futility set in. Futility is an enemy of survival; it's enables paralysis. Even in a worst case scenario, an assailant or criminal may let his guard down (especially when he thinks he's already won), presenting lucky breaks and opportunities to make your move and get away. Focus. Collect yourself. Stay on the hunt.

Be creative. Be a creature. Own your world.