Dr.Ruthless: Radio & Video

Bulk up your fighting heart!

"Fighting back in self defense is an emotional, not just physical experience. It SHOCKS the system and can freeze you in place. Collect yourself. Concentrate. Yell! You must harness the electrifying, terrifying charge of fear and adrenaline and channel it into immediate action.... Seconds count, so make it snappy!"

BlogTalk Radio Interview: Fierce Female & Fighting Back! 

Dynamic, hour long Interview w/ Dr. Ruthless & Co-Trainer Mike Hayack!  Chockful of lifesaving info for women: explosive moves you can use from stand-up and rape positions to facilitate escape-- and why miliseconds count! - overcoming the fear of injury, dispelling myths and clarifying " Does Size Matter?" (Yes...and No.) Plus how to harness emotional content as fuel. Listen in ya'all!  Mainline this material and get YOUR PRIMAL Mojo back online. 

Radio Kantipur-- Kathmandu. Empowerment Self Defense Coming to Nepal! 

Premier interview with Melissa in Nepal! From defining what is self defense" to my personal stories; from unique features about my approach to why the learning of radical self defense is relevant to combating rape and violence against women and girls worldwide. Plus my plans in INDIA and NEPAL.  


Practical, Primal Self Defense

This inaugural video focuses on essential fight-back principles when nothing else will do but an explosive counterattack. Select footage from Soalt's acclaimed Fierce & Female DVD combine with narration to best illustrate the physical, emotional and spiritual realities of "what it takes" to escape a much larger creature intent on harm—including such themes as how to deliver penetrating power, morph your body into a weapon, and effectively harness the electrifying charge of fear and adrenaline.

Self Defense with Palm Strikes For Women

Being pinned or forced against a wall by a larger, stronger or violent individual can be downright terrifying -- until you learn how to exploit targets, timing and opportunities.

Three FIERCE Smack Downs - BAMM!

Three full force scenarios set to lovely Beethoven Music. The purpose of filming was to show 'power shots'. Includes: attack from behind which goes to the ground; would-be sexual assault when pinned to a wall (with verbal attack); and a standing attack from behind. BAMM! 2 minutes 25 seconds.

Full Force Self Defense for Women: FAVORITE HITS!

Archival footage from my original self defense school from early '90's. (BASIC METHODS.) The scenarios shown were toned DOWN in intensity from what students experienced in class (physically, verbally, emotional intensity) as friends and loved ones were invited to witness this small piece of their training-- totaling 24 hours. Only ONE woman had any prior training. Two TV clips open this with sneak peeks for more to come at end.

Wild Snippet from Kathmandu Nepal

38 seconds from a three hour seminar in Kathmandu NEPAL focusing on aggressive and simple ground fighting; how to counterattack fast, hard, and heave him off! Plus using wild legs!

Street Survival - FIERCE AND FEMALE

Excerpt from the DVD Fierce and Female. This original Paladin production demonstrates 7 proven-effective prevention strategies every woman must know, then picks up where other tapes leave offwhen you're already in a compromised position and a decisive and explosive counterattack is necessary.